Widespread poverty and lack of job opportunities has caused many Moldovans to look for employment overseas. In addition, the high number of irregular migrants has allowed criminal organizations to exploit an already vulnerable group. Moldova has, by far, the greatest number of victims of trafficking in the region. The government is trying to improve migration management through enhancing the development impact of migration, ensuring protection of migrants' rights and combating trafficking in persons.

IOM works in partnership with the Moldovan government, international intergovernmental organizations as well as local NGOs on all aspects of migration, including developing capacities to manage migration flows, developing international cooperation, leveraging migration for development, better protecting the migrants’ rights, providing guidance on migration legislation, improving migration management and border management and combating trafficking in human beings.

Facts and Figures
  • 2.68 Million
  • 43.03%
  • -15.6 migrants/1,000 population
  • USD 1,91 billion
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