Press Release —Local June 22, 2020

IOM experts and staff assess capacity and needs of 4 Moldovan-Ukrainian border customs posts related to video monitoring and data exchange under the EU4BS project

IOM-commissioned experts and staff conducted a week-long rapid needs assessment, evaluating the current infrastructure, communication channels and equipment status and further needs, related to the planned establishment of systems for video control (VICOS) and pre-arrival data exchange based on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) at 4 busiest road border crossing points (BCPs) between Ukraine and Moldova. 

The field missions to the BCPs were organised under the “EU 4 Border Security” Project funded by the European Union which supports Moldova and Ukraine in facilitating trade and movement of people across the common border. 

The field missions to the 4 BCPs on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border were organized on the 15th – 19th June 2020, to “Criva - Mamaliga” BCP (15th June), “Otaci - Mohyliv-Podilskyi” (16th June), “Tudora - Starokazachie” (18th June) and “Vulcanesti -Vinogradovca” BCPs (19th June). 

The Moldovan and Ukrainian Customs Services participated actively and provided input to the assessment, manifesting strong ownership and interest for furthering cross-border cooperation and exchange of information on travelers and vehicles. 

The discussions facilitated by IOM during the field mission allowed the experts to identify capacity gaps, pre-requisites and possible technical solutions for video control and ANPR data exchange to be proposed to the Moldovan and Ukrainian border authorities.