Press Release —Local October 13, 2021

IOM Moldova initiated the workshop on measuring the economic impact of diaspora beyond remittances in the Republic of Moldova

On October 8, the representatives of different international organizations, government agencies and national experts attended to the workshop’s initiation of the pilot-testing innovative methodology where they had the opportunity to comment on their experiences and using the data which reflect the economic contributions of diaspora – what is the current status in this regards, what are the good practices, what are the challenges and opportunities in collecting such information and how the collection of this can improve the policy making, monitoring and evaluation.
In this plenary session, it was provided an overview of the IOM guidance on measuring the economic impact of diaspora beyond remittances, as well as some inspirational case studies which reflect some countries experiences in capturing and using data which reflect the economic contribution of transnational communities. There was also space for discussing roles as well as prioritize concrete actions that would support the design/adaptation and implementation of innovative tools to systematically collect data. As well it was examined the perspectives of establishment of a national coordination structure for the exercise (e.g. National Task Force) to facilitate the coordination of the data collection efforts across ministries, departments, the private sector and data collection frameworks in Moldova.
Deputy Director General of the National Bureau for Statistics in Moldova, Iurie Mocanu, stated that “our bureau uses a number of data from different sectors because this migration processes have different impacts in several areas that affects directly to the families in Moldova”.
Joanne Irvine, as IOM Program Coordinator at HQ expressed that “I’m very happy to support this initiative and the guideline regarding the diaspora as the whole point of the program is to maximize the potential of migration to really help the governments and the countries we work with to achieve their sustainable development goals”.
In his concluding marks, IOM Chief of Mission to Moldova, Lars Lonnback, stated “there is still a lot of work to do in order to progress and collaborate with the agencies in Moldova. There are a number of areas in which we can make connections in this very important detailed information that would be gathering throughout the following months”.