Press Release —Local December 22, 2021

The Moldovan National Migration and Asylum Strategy (2011-2020) was reviewed and priorities for a new Policy discussed during an online workshop co-organised by IOM Moldova and the Moldovan Ministry

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Chisinau, 22 December 2021

The ex-post assessment report of the Moldovan National Migration and Asylum Strategy (2011-2020) and the priorities for a new strategic document in the field of migration were presented and discussed during an online workshop organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoI) of the Republic of Moldova in cooperation with the IOM Mission to Moldova on 21 December 2022.

The event organized in the framework of the International Migrant’s Day 2021 – which was attended by over 75 representatives of national public authorities, civil society, academia, the UN and other international organizations representatives - discussed the important achievements of the 10-years Migration and Asylum Strategy, as well as emphasized some relevant lesson learned, and proposed a series of recommendations directed to enhancing the existing whole of the government approach in migration policy making and implementation. Priorities for the new Migration Policy were outlined and discussed.

In this context, Ms. Jana Costachi, the State Secretary of the MoI expressed her gratitude to the audience who joined in a large number and to IOM Moldova for expertise support in the assessment procedure. Mdme. State Secretary mentioned, as well, that the event itself represents the first opportunity to identify the priorities for the new policy document in the filed of migration and asylum. And the fact that the event was joined by a wide plethora of participants who are representing diverse institutions from various sectors: public sphere, NGO sector, academia and international organizations, represents an indication of the fact that the policy priority-setting in migration field is an important joint endeavour.

In his opening remarks Mr. Lars Lönnback, IOM Moldova chief of Mission underlined that the Strategy’s assessment report represents an important document that supports the way towards the development of a new policy document in the field. Therefore, the event provided an opportunity for the relevant agencies to present their perspectives and discuss the scope of the future document in terms of migration-related areas to be included, the visions and priorities for a prospective policy document, the issues of a coordination mechanism to support implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the joint activities in the sector etc.

Another important issues of the agenda focused on the preparation of the Republic of Moldova’s participation in the International Migration Review Forum (IMRF) to be organized in New York in May 2022, where the states are expected to present their national achievements in implementing the Global Compact for Migration (GCM) objectives. During his presentation Mr. Ghenadie Cretu, the migration and development program coordinator of IOM Moldova, mentioned that the IMRF represents the highest forum for reviewing the progress of GCM implementation. Hence, in order to support the Moldova’s GCM reporting at the IMRF, Mr. Cretu underlined that IOM Moldova could facilitate the review process, including by supporting the Moldovan authorities to organize a national GCM review and prioritization event in February 2022 where the latest achievements of GCM implementation could be discussed and included in the updated review report and the priority joint actions for the sustainable implementation of GCM objectives in Moldova could be agreed upon.