Press Release —Local March 12, 2021

Students of the Center of Excellence in Border Security trained based on a program structured according to European practices.

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March 10, 2021 was the start date for the first round of cascade trainings , organized as a result of joint efforts and effective cooperation of the International Organization for Migration (OIM) in the Republic of Moldova, the General Inspectorate of Border Police (GIBP), and a team of experts from Romania, made for the benefit of the Center of Excellence in Border Security (CEBS).

IOM – the UN Migration Agency supports through the project "Strengthening the Training Capacities of the Border Police in the Republic of Moldova (TRABOR)" the implementation of the concept of integrated border management in the Republic of Moldova and aims to improve the operational capabilities of the Border Police as a modern authority, which ensures border security and contributes positively to the role of the Republic of Moldova in the context of regional security.

The project aims to strengthen and institutionally develop the CEBS by increasing the methodological basis for the main training courses offered by the CEBS, including by implementing the EU Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Border Police (SQF).
During the first round of training, 64 CEBF students benefited from the training program, developed on the basis of the three curricular documents, in the fields of: (1) State border surveillance, (2) State border control, and (3) Professional communication.

In the introductory speeches, IOM representatives appreciated the role and contribution of GIBP, the interest and dedication of the CEBS teaching staff, expressing confidence that the implemented curricular tools will serve as solid support for the preparation of new generations of guardians of the country’s borders.
In the end, the representatives of GIBP and CEBS expressed appreciatios and gratitude to the IOM Mission in the Republic of Moldova, for the sustainable partnership and the continuous support offered to GIBP and the Center of Excellence in Border Security.