Our Work

Facilitated Migration

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the leading organization working with migrants and governments in providing humane responses to migration challenges.

IOM Mission to Moldova has the necessary skills, experience, resources and know-how to provide tailored solutions to governments and migrants by providing immigration and visa support services, including but not limited to: general facilitation and liaison, logistical assistance, visa application center operations, interview facilitation, health assessment services, DNA collection services, biometrics services, document verification,  travel assistance, cultural and pre-departure orientation.

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Migration Management

To understand IOM’s work in the Migration Management field one should know that the Republic of Moldova is a country of origin of many migrants that choose to go to EU-member states, the Russian Federation and other states. However, the country is also used as a country of transit for migrants from other regions such as Central Asia and the Middle East.

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Migration and Development

The IOM Mission to Moldova’s Migration and Development Programme together with its partners strives to develop a better understanding of the links between migration and development. This is important in order to harness the development potential and maximize the positive impact of migration from Moldova. The linkage between migration and poverty reduction/economic development is characterized through three factors – recruitment, remittances and return. If properly managed, migration can contribute to the development of the country, as well as benefit migrants themselves.

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Prevention and Protection

The Republic of Moldova is a country of origin of victims of trafficking (VoTs), who are exploited within Moldovan borders or abroad. The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Middle East, the EU, and, in particular, countries in Central and Southern Europe are the main countries of destination for VoTs. Women and girls are the most affected by the trafficking phenomenon, especially being exploited sexually.  Since 2014, a sharp increase in the share of male victims has been registered. Male victims are mainly trafficked for the purpose of labour exploitation.

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