Strengthening National Efforts to Protect Human Rights of (Potential) Victims of Trafficking in Persons in Moldova

This project contributes to protection of human rights of victims of trafficking (VoTs) and potential VoTs in the Republic of Moldova through better national mechanisms of assistance and protection in two ways:

(Potential) VoTs are identified, assisted and empowered through quality services within the National Referral System (NRS) for assistance and protection of VoTs and potential VoTs. Beneficiaries are rehabilitated through assistance provided within shelters and supported during the reintegration process into their families/communities, including facilitating their participation to individual education/employment programmes. Rehabilitation and reintegration services (repatriation, legal, medical, psychological and social assistance) are provided throughout the Republic of Moldova, including in the Transnistria Region, in partnership with public authorities, international organizations and local NGOs. Moreover, the timely access to assistance for (potential) VoTs and their families in the Transnistria Region is facilitated by supporting a trustline and hotline run by the local NGO Interaction. Psychological group counselling for victims of domestic violence, as well as for perpetrators, are piloted in the city of Chisinau to improve victims’ safety and sustainable reintegration.

NRS is strengthened through the development of a normative framework, mentoring and capacity building in providing assistance and protection to (potential) VoTs. IOM supports advocacy activities to develop and promote a normative framework in line with international standards, including for better protection of victims of trafficking, domestic violence and stranded migrants. The skills of NRS stakeholders are strengthened through mentoring on identification, referral, assistance and monitoring of (potential) VoTs. To counterbalance the limited availability of legal services available free of charge to the VoTs, the capacities of paralegals and civil society organizations in assisting (potential) VoTs are also enhanced. Moreover, periodical coordination events are organized to improve collaboration between NRS stakeholders and law enforcement bodies to ensure better protection and assistance of (potential) VoTs.

Prevention and protection


Thursday, October 1, 2015 (All day) to Sunday, September 30, 2018 (All day)


Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family; the Centre for Assistance and Protection of Victims and Potential Victims of Chisinau; the Permanent Secretariat to the National Committee for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings; the Centre for Combating Trafficking in Persons; General Police Inspectorate under the Ministry of Interior; the NGO CNFACEM; the International Center for Women Rights Protection and Promotion “La Strada”; the NGO Women’s Initiative; the NGO Resonance; the NGO Interaction; the NGO Veritas (Ukraine). 


Victims and potential victims of trafficking

Estimated budget: 

12,700,000 NOK