Programme against Human Trafficking in Eastern Europe

Based on the positive experience and lessons learnt from the Programme against Human Trafficking in Eastern Europe (2005-2013) and building on its results, this project comprehensively contributes to the improvement of the regional, national and local dialogue among the governments and civil society if the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus. The goal is to enable an advanced and sustainable response to human trafficking in Eastern Europe, in line with the international standards established by the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings.

The project works towards achieving three inter-related outcomes:

  • Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Belarus have functional and inclusive national, local and transnational counter trafficking cooperation and coordination platforms. Transnational cooperation and protection of victims of trafficking are promoted through a number of bi-lateral and multilateral efforts to establish transnational referral systems among the target countries.This is done while supporting the regional exchange of experience and best practices by organizing annual regional conferences/workshops on topics of mutual concern for the three countries.
  • The role of civil society in the counter trafficking system and policymaking in Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Belarus is better defined and its services are more sustainable. Capacity building is offered to civil society in the fields of financial advocacy, social contract, human rights monitoring, and strategic litigation through supporting regional civil society workshops and projects on the above-mentioned topics.
  • Regional knowledge based on human trafficking is improved, through supporting the regionalization of successful nationally-developed trafficking prevention and awareness raising tools, as well as conducting regional research on human trafficking. 

Prevention and protection