Consolidating Moldova’s Migration and Development Institutional Framework (MIDIDOM)

The MIDIDOM project is part of a larger multi-year programme intervention called “Moldova – Making the Most of Migration”, which is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

The overall goal of the MIDIDOM project is to maximize the positive impact of migration on the country’s socio-economic development. This is done through implementing an improved national and local institutional framework and enhancing the engagement of the Moldovan diaspora in their homeland’s development. The project thus works to support the capacity of the national public institutions with a diaspora-engaging mandate. This includes strengthening the coordination role of the Bureau for Diaspora Relations (BRD) of the State Chancellery and the local focal points for Diaspora, migration and development who have been appointed within the Moldovan local and national authorities.

The project furthermore focuses on empowering the diaspora and migrant communities to directly engage in economic, socio-cultural, philanthropic, educational and other development themes. This is done through, on the one hand, equipping diaspora associations’ leaders, their networks and other diaspora groups with effective tools to raise funds, as well as mobilize the diaspora potential/ expertize, and expand their local outreach. On the other hand, it is done through providing grants to representatives of the diaspora through the platform “Diaspora Engagement Hub”, which enables them to be systemically involved as agents of homeland development.

Migration and development