The IOM Moldova Migration Health Division (MHD) works already both on programs of general capacity building and research regarding migrant health policy in collaboration with the Ministry for Health, as well carrying out health assessments of persons travelling (either permanently or temporarily) to US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Korea.

The MHD provides and oversees the administration of comprehensive health assessment services that involve medical screening up to 2.500 migrants yearly, and since 2015 has performed more than 15.000 health assessments. The health promotion and assistance for migrants program area of MHD caters its strategy and activities to the needs of migrant populations and the changing requirements to address the health of migrants.

IOM projects in this area provide access to high-quality health services for migrants, and undertake substantial amount of operational research to promote evidence-based migration health policies. Technical support and national capacity-building efforts are included in this work area to better manage migration-related health challenges.

This program area covers a range of health topics including emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases such as COVID-19 infection, tuberculosis and mental health. Program responses also include a focus on non-health topics that are important in the context of migrants' health, such as gender, sexual and gender-based violence.

Over all, these activities facilitate the strengthening of migrant-friendly and migrant inclusive health systems which benefit migrants and the communities in which they live.