UN and Sweden launch a new phase of the programme to strengthen the human rights of vulnerable groups from the left bank of the Nistru river

Chisinau - United Nations and Sweden continue to support the respect, protection and fulfilment of the human rights of vulnerable groups on the left bank of Nistru river by launching a new phase of the One UN Joint Action "Cross-river support for human rights". The Programme, covering 2023-2025, will contribute to increasing the capacities of vulnerable groups to exercise their human rights, to improve the systems and protection mechanisms, as well as to promote the human rights culture on the left bank of the Nistru river. The budget of the programme is approx. 2.5 million dollars.

“Sweden will continue to support groups in vulnerable situations on both banks of river Nistru, with the view to stimulate an environment where human rights are promoted, protected and respected by all. It is our belief that peace, human security, human rights and fundamental freedoms are more than ever at core of our common resilience, development and prosperity. We are happy to continue our close partnership with the UN and together contributing to leaving no one behind,” said Katarina Fried, Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova.

The Programme aims to strengthening the results obtained since 2019 in terms of boosting the capacities of vulnerable groups (people with disabilities, Roma community, people affected and living with HIV/AIDS, survivors of domestic violence, prisoners after release, youth, children in contact with the law) to enjoy their human rights, among others, through strengthening  the Sustainable (Community) Development Platform, but also through supporting various civil society initiatives in the field of human rights.

Under the joint UN initiative, it is expected that the institutional capacities of the Sustainable (Community) Development Platform will be improved, a roadmap for children's rights in the Transnistrian region will be developed, pilot-programs on health education for boys and girls will be conducted, HIV testing services will be expanded, will be offered help to women who use drugs, to refugee women, and their children. Also, the institution of Roma community mediators will be strengthened, including to offer support to more Roma in vulnerable situations. The capacities of media specialists and communicators from both banks to use human rights compliant terminology in relation to vulnerable groups, follow human rights-based approach and design human rights public awareness campaigns will be strengthened. The Trust Line for survivors of domestic violence will be supported.

In the previous stages of the Programme, with the support of the UN and Sweden, new services and social initiatives for vulnerable groups were launched on the left bank of Nistru. Only during 2019-2022, about 50 social projects were financed, worth about 1 million dollars. 

The current phase of the One UN Joint Action will be implemented by seven UN entities: IOM, UNDP, OHCHR, UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNODC.

For more information, please contact: 
Riccardo Severi, Communications and Public Information Officer, IOM Moldova

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