European Union and IOM Moldova further operational support to the Bureau for Migration and Asylum

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Ms. Ana Revenco, the Ambassador of EU Delegation to Moldova, Mr. Jānis Mažeiks, and IOM Moldova Chief of Mission, Lars Johan Lönnback, met at the Ministry for an handover event on Friday, November 4th 2022.

Chisinau, Moldova -. In the light of the unfolding humanitarian crisis generated by the war in Ukraine, European Union and International Organization for Migration (IOM) expanded its support to national border and migration authorities in their efforts to manage appropriately the massive cross-border inflows.  Within a project funded by European Union, IOM contributed to the enhancement of Bureau of Migration and Asylum’s (BMA) mobility and identity verification capabilities through handing over 21 identity document readers and 2 minibuses.

The donated items will be of significant support and will effectively boost the BMA’s capacity to provide direct services and assistance to increased volumes of migrants and refugees arriving at the border, in a manner that is orderly and compliant with the national legal framework, while adhering to protection principles and international human rights standards. Comprehensiveness of the support is also enhanced by provision of expertise and deployment of consultants to support BMA’s operational activities, hotline, and strategic processes, especially those related to expediting the implementation of immigration and regularization procedures. 

The minister of Interior of Republic of Moldova, Ms. Ana Revenco: “The Republic of Moldova is facing several crises, and the situation in the region continues to be volatile. The employees of the MIA subdivisions are in the front line, and in order to face the challenges, we must make a common front with external partners. The donation received today will certainly contribute to the efficiency of MIA services”. 

EU Ambassador, Mr. Jānis Mažeiks, declared that “Passenger vans and passport readers that we provide today will help MIA and Bureau for Asylum and Migration to provide essential services and assistance to the refugees entering into the Republic of Moldova. This delivery is part of a larger regional programme funded by the European Union to support the migration management. The EU response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine was timely and rapid. The EU allocated 15 million EUR for this programme to enable the voluntary transfer of persons in a safe and dignified manner, medical and psychological support and social protection, as well as boarder management”.

“Through this material support, augmented with other ongoing policy development support activities and training delivery, the International Organization for Migration in Moldova aims to significantly contribute to national efforts towards strengthening the migration governance architecture in the country”, said Lars Johan Lönnback, IOM Moldova Chief of Mission. 

The equipment and vehicles, in a total amount of 125 000 EUR, as well as the operational expertise to BMA were financially supported through the generous assistance of the European Union in the framework of the Supporting Protection, Transit, Voluntary and Informed Return and Reintegration of Eastern Partnership Citizens and Third Country Nationals affected by the conflict in Ukraine project.

For more information, please contact: 
Riccardo Severi, Communications and Public Information Officer, IOM Moldova

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