International Migrants Day celebrations 2023 in the Republic of Moldova

Chisinau, December 19 - Memorable celebrations this year for the international Migrants Day in the Republic of Moldova. 

Last night, more than 200 IOM’s friends and supporters, heads of diplomatic delegations of USA, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., Germany, Poland, representatives of EU the Delegations, Eubam, and the Embassies of Italy and Japan, central and local authorities, civil society organizations, IOM Moldova’s implementing partners, and especially migrants, celebrated the International Migrants Day in Chisinau, with the theme “Act Today”, organized by IOM Moldova. 

Two videos on the work of the IOM in the Republic of Moldova and on the joint collaboration with the General Inspectorate for Migration anticipated the opening remarks of Lars Johan Lönnback, IOM Moldova’s Chief of Mission, Alexei Buzu, Minister of Labour and Social Protection, and Jana Costachi, State Secretary within the Minister of Internal Affairs. Artist Cynthia from Madagascar performed on the stage by singing a Malagasy folk song and storytelling about her integration experience in Moldova, in fluent Romanian. 

An award ceremony, organized by IOM, together with the Diaspora Relations Bureau and the Organization for Entrepreneurship Development, highlighted the contribution of the Moldovan diaspora to support Moldova’s socioeconomic development. The first award went to the municipality of Cărbuna village, Ialoveni district, for the investments in green energy community projects (International Migrants Day award 2023 for DAR 1+3 Programme), and the second to Dorin Racu, a migrants worker, returned to Moldova where he started business in the field of cold-pressed oil production, which has now became one of the most highly rated productions on the market (International Migrants Day award 2023 for Pare 1+2 Remittances Attraction Programme). 

The motivations for the awards were read by the general secretary of the State Chancellery, Ana Calinici. The event and the awards ceremony were moderated by journalist Nata Albot, who also told the audience how PARE 1 Programme was born in 2010 thanks to IOM Moldova.  

"As a result of the conflict in Ukraine, Moldova courageously receive one million refugees, most transiting, while around 100 thousand staying, often going back and forth between Ukraine and Moldova. The Moldovan people’s and its government unwavering solidary are an example for the world. IOM is proud to have played a part in supporting the government on these challenges and opportunities, as it relates to diaspora engagement, countering trafficking in persons, migration management and legislation in general, as well as support on forced displacement regarding shelter, cash support, protection, job creation and integration," said Lars Johan Lönnback.

The celebrations were complemented by several Info Stations where the IOM Team illustrated activity sectors to the participants, and by an IOM Photo Gallery featuring migrants who are acting today for the socio-economic development of Moldova. 

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