IOM Moldova and German NGO Arbeit und Leben DGB support to Moldovan seasonal workers in Germany selected as a best practice by the European Labour Authority

Chisinau, 18 May 2023 - IOM Moldova and German NGO Arbeit und Leben DGB (AL) have joined forces to support the Moldovan Government in promoting dignified working conditions, preventing labor exploitation, and combating human trafficking within the context of seasonal work in Germany for Moldovan labor migrants. This collaborative effort, which is part of the Swiss Development Cooperation Agency funded UNDP-IOM joint project on "Migration and local development”, was prized by the European Labour Authority as best practice for 2022.

The activity aims, among others, to address key challenges related to labour migration management.

As part of this initiative, IOM Moldova and Arbeit und Leben DGB (AL) have worked closely with the Moldovan Government to implement an efficient Bilateral Labour Agreement with Germany to empower the application of measures that safeguard the rights and well-being of Moldovan seasonal workers in Germany ensuring they are well-informed and protected before their departure and during their stay in Germany.

Central to this joint effort is the provision of easily accessible information on labor rights and conditions in Germany for Moldovan seasonal workers. Through this initiative, workers have access to vital resources and guidelines, as well as confidential and free-of-charge advice and labour law counselling as well as support in the case of labour rights infringements to seasonal workers in their native language.

Furthermore, communication channels have been established to facilitate open dialogue between the Moldovan Government, IOM Moldova, Arbeit und Leben DGB (AL), and Moldovan seasonal workers. These channels enable workers to voice their concerns, seek assistance, and obtain support throughout their employment in Germany.

Mr. Lars Johan Lönnback, IOM Moldova Chief of Mission: “These collaborative efforts of IOM Moldova, Arbeit und Leben DGB (AL), and the Moldovan Government demonstrate a steadfast commitment to promote fair and safe working conditions for Moldovan labor migrants. By addressing labor exploitation and human trafficking risks, this joint project aims to create a more secure and favorable environment for Moldova seasonal workers, ultimately enhancing their overall well-being”. More info - Call for Good Practices 2022 | European Labour Authority.

For further information or media inquiries, please contact:

Riccardo Severi, Project Officer - Media and Communications, IOM Moldova

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