IOM Moldova signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Republic of Moldova Ministry of Health in the context of IOM health activities

Chișinău- The International Organization for Migration established its operations in Moldova in 2001. Since then, the mission works in close collaboration with the MoH and aims to strengthen the capacities of the medical sector in Moldova and ensure prompt responses to medical services given to the local community, migrants, and refugees.

The MoU aims to define the current fruitful partnership between the IOM and the MoH, especially considering the status of the IOM as the UN Migration Agency and Coordinator of the UN Migration Network. The MoU creates a more solid basis for future cooperation between the agencies in different areas related to migrants’ health and travel health assistance, health promotion, and health assistance for crisis-affected populations.

“The Moldovan Ministry of Health is one of IOM’s long-standing partners and I am delighted that we formalize our collaboration in this MoU. The policies that this Ministry establishes have an immediate impact on the well-being of the 100,000 refugees from Ukraine residing here. Health policies also impact the around 1 million Moldovans abroad or those involved in short-term migration. IOM supports the stabilizing effect that strong health care delivery has on Moldova’s migration and mobility dynamics.” mentioned Lars Johan Lönnback, Chief of Mission IOM Moldova.

This MoU stands ready for continuous contribution to the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Moldova to enhance the potential of the country’s public health system to address its complex challenges, including the health of the migrant population, which in turn contributes to the better health of the entire Moldovan population.


For more information, please contact: 

Riccardo Severi, Project Officer - Media and Communications, IOM Moldova

SDG 3 - Good Health and Well Being