New ambulances and equipment for Moldovan emergency medical teams

Chisinau- New ambulances and equipment for Moldovan emergency medical teams.

Two new ambulances, 45 pulse oximeters, 22 electrocardiographs and 315 headlamps have been donated to the National Centre for Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Assistance (CNAMUP). The ambulances and equipment were purchased by the International Organization for Migration Mission to Moldova, with the financial support of the Government of the United States of America, within the framework of the project "Humanitarian Assistance in Ukraine and Neighboring Countries". 

The handover ceremony took place today, 13 April, and was attended by the Center’s Deputy Director of Strategic Development, Iurie Crasiuc, the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Health, Ion Prisăcaru, the Coordinator of the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migrants of the U.S. Embassy in Chisinau, Elizabeth Lee, and IOM Chief of Mission, Lars Johan Lönnback.

The donated ambulances, according to the European standard EN 1789, are type B, used for high-priority emergencies, with the capacity to store significant large amounts of medical equipment and provide some emergency treatment, and type C, used to provide mobile resuscitation services and able to store sophisticated medical equipment. 
The Type B ambulance was assigned to the Calaraușeuca SAMU in Ocnita district, while the Type C ambulance was assigned to the emergency medical assistance substation (SAMU) in the central sector of Chisinau municipality.

Teams from all over the country, including from Autonomous Territorial Unit Gagauzia, will also receive electrocardiographs and pulse oximeters to measure the heart's electrical impulses, blood oxygen saturation and heart rate. Furthermore, the teams will be equipped with headlamps to provide first aid easily, especially in cases where patients' homes are poorly lit.

The donation is worth USD 300,000.

For more information, please contact: 
Riccardo Severi, Project Officer - Media and Communications, IOM Moldova

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