Ukrainian refugees in Moldova with temporary protection will be helped to access medical services more easily

(Joint WHO-IOM Moldova press release)

Chisinau – 29 March. The World Health Organization (WHO), in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the European Union, the Ministry of Health, and the National Health Insurance Company in the Republic of Moldova conducted a training session for ten IOM Ukrainian health mediators who are raising awareness and guiding refugees and displaced people from Ukraine across the country on the healthcare system in Moldova, available services under the Temporary Protection Directive and regulatory acts developed by the Ministry of Health. The selected health mediators will disseminate information across the Republic of Moldova including the Transnistrian region.

During the information sessions, specialists from the National Health Insurance Company discussed access to the healthcare system, registration with a family doctor and patient pathways, the package of healthcare services available to refugees and displaced people from Ukraine with temporary protection reimbursed by the National Health Insurance Company, and access to medicines and compensated devices.
The information sessions were based on the provisions of the regulatory acts in force transposed in the brochure on access to health care for persons receiving temporary protection and on the High Priority Health Services Package for Humanitarian Response (H3 package), developed to ensure the Universal Health Coverage (UHC).
“Health care is an important component of the social integration process, that is why Ukrainian refugees need to be informed about their full rights to health, to prevent risky situations and medical complications, especially since our life is already complicated enough, being away from home and loved ones,”
said Anna Dorofeeva, one of the IOM health mediators from Mykolaiv, Ukraine.
The training is part of the project “Improving access to healthcare for refugees and people displaced from Ukraine benefitting from temporary protection in Member States” jointly implemented in Moldova by the European Union, WHO, and IOM, and funded by the EU4Health 2023 programme.

For more information: Riccardo Severi, Communications and Public Information Officer, IOM Moldova,

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