Travel Assistance

IOM travel assistance is meant to reduce the anxiety many migrants experience when travelling abroad for the first time. This is the provision of information on air travel; on-site ticketing assistance at reduced rates (IOM has signed global and local agreements with airline companies for the transport of the significant number of migrants it assists); advance notification to sponsors of travel details; assistance in completing required departure and arrival documentation (immigration and customs); assistance with airport check-in; escorting through customs and immigration; airport transit and arrival assistance in some countries.

The assistance may also include arranging dedicated escort during the journey to facilitate air travel for disabled or inexperienced persons.

IOM, Mission to Moldova, offers one-way tickets at special reduced fares for migrants heading to Canada, the Unites States of America and Australia. This program aims to provide transportation assistance to immigrant visa holders and temporary students/workers with long-term visas valid for more than 1 year. Please note that our services can be used only once.

For the updated prices and the air carriers requirements please contact us via email: or telephone: +373 22 232 515.