Facilitated Migration

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the leading organization working with migrants and governments in providing humane responses to migration challenges.

IOM Mission to Moldova has the necessary skills, experience, resources and know-how to provide tailored solutions to governments and migrants by providing immigration and visa support services, including but not limited to: general facilitation and liaison, logistical assistance, visa application center operations, interview facilitation, health assessment services, DNA collection services, biometrics services, document verification,  travel assistance, cultural and pre-departure orientation.

Presently, IOM Mission to Moldova implements the following projects within the domain of facilitated migration services: Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC), Travel Assistance, and Health Assessments.

IOM offers a package of services that can be selected as a whole or as stand-alone services. These can be provided on a government-funded project basis or funded by visa applicants and visa recipients on a service-for-fee basis.

IOM’s solutions are driven by service excellence, with focus on ensuring that visa applicants and visa recipients are at all times, treated with dignity and respect, and are empowered with information in their own language to understand their rights and responsibilities.