Canada Visa Application Centre

Duration: November 01, 2019 - present

Partners:  VFS GlobalEmbassy of Canada (Bucharest, Romania), Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

Beneficiaries: Applicants for temporary resident status in Canada and travel document for permanent residents abroad

Estimated budget: Varies annually

IOM, Mission to Moldova, provides solutions to enhance regular and complementary pathways for migration through the management of Canada Visa Application Centre. CVAC provides a wide range of services, including information dissemination, biometrics, facilitation of visa submission, fee processing and other logistical tasks.

Canada Visa Application Centre includes the following key activities:

Consultancy and Appointments

  • Distribute information on relevant requirements as published by the IRCC, including application forms, fees and methods of payment, civic and web site addresses of the Visa Office etc;

  • Answer questions in local languages and ensure visa applications are properly completed;

  • Manage queues and process online appointments for CVAC services.

Package handling

  • Receive completed application forms, supporting documents, passports and proof of payment of the visa/permit/travel document application processing fees; 

  • Review received documents and inform clients of documentary or other requirements that appear to be lacking;

  • Transmit in sealed packages all the applications, proof of fee payment and additional supporting documents submitted by the client directly to the Visa Office;

  • Return sealed packages containing the final decision to the clients.

Biometrics and Self-service

  • Collect and secure digital transfer of biometrics (fingerprints and photograph);

  • Provide public access to computer terminals to facilitate on-line submission of applications. 

Recording and tracking

  • Maintain records of all applications and associated proof of fee payment and records of passport movement, in a form and manner approved by the IRCC;

  • Ensure access to online tracking of visa applications.

For more information on how to submit your visa application, please visit the official website of

Canada Visa Application Centre in Chisinau, Moldova